ANALYSIS: Premier League teams in the EFL Cup – how did they fare?

Last night saw the return of the ‘Carling Cup’ with 13 Premier League sides entering the newly named ‘Carabao Cup’ 2nd round. With games played over one night, extra time and penalties if necessary, 90MAAT takes a brief look at the EPL sides in action.

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ANALYSIS: What the proposed changes to the transfer window could mean for Premier League clubs.

Last week, there was news about how Premier League clubs’ shareholders had agreed to convene on September 9th to discuss the possibility about changing the transfer window’s closing date. Presently, the window closes on August 31st, which is on an average, 20 days after the Premier League season starts.

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FEATURE: Jose Mourinho. The ‘Special one’ once again?

The Premier League 2017/18 season has got off to a flying start. Shock results, high scoring games and star filled line-ups, it’s had it all. It is still very much early days but some teams seem to be flaunting their talent a lot more than others.

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FPL: Harry Jackson storms ahead as GW2 leader in 90MAAT’s FPL.

Manager Harry Jackson and his side ‘Delia Smith Is Bae’ took the reigns in 90MAAT’s FPL standings with a remarkable 71 points, Jackson’s four goals scored meaning he went one better than Darek Maciejewski; also scoring 71 points but with three goals scored.

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