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Announcement regarding Fantasy Football Monthly 

After launching our debut release in December 2018, all of us at 90MAAT alongside our FFM contributors have been humbled by the unbelievable reception to our first three editions of the digital magazine. 

To have read so many emails, Twitter DMs and general feedback on what we have produced has been special, but we are extremely pleased to be announcing an exciting, ambitious new dimension to what we have created, but in doing so we are laying the foundations for a change in brand and an alteration in regularity of FFM. 

In July 2019, FFM will be going to print for the first time in our history, challenging the previous shortcomings of other publications in creating a sustainable, efficient model that produces an exceptional magazine at an affordable and accessible price. 

In doing so, we have made the decision to change our regularity to a quarterly release, with the intention to ensure outright longevity of our mission in establishing this print-magazine within the Fantasy Premier League community. Of course, with a change in regularity comes a rebrand from Fantasy Football Monthly, and we are excited to be announcing this in due course ahead of our July 2019 print release. 

To focus our time and efforts on ensuring the exceptional quality of our print debut in July 2019, FFM will be pausing for the following months in anticipation of the July 2019 release. Pre-orders and global distribution will be available and we will be announced in due course.

Annual subscribers have been notified of this change, alongside how this impacts their current subscriptions, and we are really pleased to have had so much positive feedback on our decision to venture into print. We know this will be a challenge, but it is a challenge we will relish in delivering a sensational product to our readers.

From all of us at 90MAAT and our FFM contributors, thank you for your unwavering support – this marks the start of a new chapter, but one we are excited to start writing in July 2019. 

Thank you once again,

Tom Newman

Editor: 90 Minutes At A Time

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