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Football INDEX Insight: What is Football INDEX?

Hello and welcome to 90MAAT’s new and exciting Football INDEX Insight section. But I know what some of you might be thinking… what is Football Index (FI)?

Most simply, Football Index is a stock market for football players. It aims to combine serious investing with the average man’s love of the beautiful game.

Safer and more profitable than traditional betting, able to earn regular payouts (called dividends), and to cash in on a bet at any time, Football Index offers the perfect blend of serious investor and football fanatic.

How the ins and outs of the platform work will be discussed in future articles, such as how to structure a portfolio, when to sell shares and when to buy shares, trading tips and tricks etc.

But first let’s quickly break down the core principles of Football Index:

Buying Shares

* You can invest in any player on Football Index by buying shares in that player.

* The price of a share in a player can go up or down as other traders either buy or sell. This largely depends on a few different factors including; performances, transfer speculation and media attention.

* You can buy up to 100 shares in any one player at a single time, although you could instantly buy another 100 shares if you so wished.

Selling Shares

* When you decide it’s time to cash in your profits you can click the ‘sell’ button and sell some or all of the shares you currently hold in that player.

* Selling isn’t free however, there is a spread fee (difference between buy price and sell price which is easily visible) and a 2% trade fee so that FI has enough money to pay out Dividends…


* Dividends are cash payouts to traders who hold shares in a player that has won either the Media Buzz (MB) of Performance Buzz (PB) on that day.

* For example, usually MB dividends are 5p per share. So if you hold 10 shares in Mohammed Salah and he wins the MB for that day, you get 50p!

Is it regulated?

* Yes, if it wasn’t, 90MAAT would not be affiliated with FI.

* Football Index is provided by BetIndex Ltd which is licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commision

For further information visit the FI Help Desk at: https://footballindex.zendesk.com/hc/en-us Or visit the FI Forum at: https://forums.footballindex.co.uk/

For more Football Index Insights stay stuned to 90maat.com

Written by Chris Wyles.

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