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Football INDEX Insight: Keeping up with the INDEX

This is an interesting topic and often one that many wouldn’t consider essential, however, I think knowing how to keep up with the different aspects of the Index ,especially those affecting prices and dividends can provide a significant advantage because it allows you to trade smarter and faster than others.

This article will also help you avoid misinformation and allow you to surround yourself with useful people and information in the world of football index.

First things first, get on twitter! I often wonder how so many traders know what’s going on without being on Twitter. Here’s a start to who you should be following:

Football index (@footballindex)- not only is there daily content on prices and competitions but also whenever major announcements are made or going to be made they often come from here first.

CEO Adam Cole (@Adamcolefi)- Doesn’t tweet too frequently but when he does its usually something big that the market is going to react to. Well worth having notifications on for this one.

Media buzz News sources (eg @MirrorFootball, @DExpress_Sport, @DailyStar_Sport) These sources are used to award points for the media buzz so having the headlines on your feed can often give you a general consensus of who is going to win the media dividends. It also allows you to see the stories before those who may just use the index website to source their news since there’s a little time lag before it appears on the site.

@hendopolis – the provider of “#tomorrowspaperstoday” he tweets the back pages of most major papers the evening before they are published. Again, helping to put you ahead of the pack, especially helpful around transfer time.

It can also be useful to follow some expert journalists from the foreign leagues. These often announce news before the papers. Again more appropriate for transfer season and sometimes being early comes at the cost of the information not being very accurate so if you really want to get into it, have a look into how accurate their previous tweets have been. @bbcsport_david (Ornstein that is) and @DiMarzio have exceptional success rates in the time I’ve been on the index and their information is often viewed as reliable by many traders, meaning it can often have an effect on market prices.

Of course, I would like to encourage you to follow me (@FootballindexLM) for index related content, including article from the 90MAAT Football Index Insights blog but there are also multiple other very useful and reliable “football index accounts” I would encourage you to follow.

Top of the list has to be the FIG (@_FiGuide). He offers tons of content for new and existing users from podcasts to Youtube videos, which allows those who want to learn more to do so but also gives people who’ve been around a while something interesting to listen to. If you’re looking for helpful stats and data, I would also recommend @footballindexAS, @FootyindexLDN and @footballindextalk, all of which provide useful stats on dividends, prices and performance scores during their own time for free, for which many traders are very grateful.

As the index has grown, not only have these experience and reputable twitter accounts appeared but also a number of useful sites and resources have been opened up. These can be very helpful in allowing you to do your own research and get develop your own strategy and opinions. From personal experience, my favourite has to be Football Index Edge. They offer a free dividend database, along with the last two weeks of performance scores among other things but for those traders looking for a little more, and that have a larger amount invested, their premium option is well worth the money. It offers lots of analysis on things like peak scores, standard deviations and even season simulations, along with over 2 million data points for you to work with yourself. Another new and interesting service is football index gain, which among other things is very useful for receiving price movement notifications direct to your mobile. To find out more about these services, check out their twitter pages at (Footballindexed and @indexgain)

Outside of the Twittersphere, It is useful to make sure you have notifications on from the app on your smartphone and also to check that football index emails aren’t going into your junk folder, as this happens commonly and you can miss account updates, product changes or announcements very easily.

You can also keep up with all things index by following their blog (which are always posted on twitter anyway) at http://footballindex.news/ where I, among others write articles about what’s going on and round up events periodically. As well as getting involved in debates on the forum (if you’re not one for twitter spats) at http://forums.footballindex.co.uk/?token=0 and if you’re still looking to learn more about the platform then check out the football index academy to help build more of an understanding of the platform its self.

A final suggestion would be to also make the use of a football fixtures application, adding just those leagues and competitions that are eligible for performance dividends and turning on notifications for teams that are very prominent in your portfolio. If follow these suggestions, then keeping up with the index will be a breeze and it will soon become a fabric of your daily life.

Written by Liam McDonnell.

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