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At 90 Minutes At a Time (90MAAT), we strive to offer our readers a wide range of content stemming from the Premier League and the wider footballing world. The articles we produce can be divided into five main categories:

Match Report:

90MAAT match reports are written with an aim to offer opinionated insight on the biggest moments within the Premier League. The reports are based on principles of opinionated journalism combined with the upmost integrity. Stay in tune with 90MAAT for full reporting coverage of the new Premier League season starting August 2017.



All Premier League games covered by 90MAAT are previewed by the same writer, these previews often offering valuable insight for injury news (FPL bosses, we’ve got you covered), informed potential betting choices alongside predictions for the game.

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90MAAT’s analysis articles are often considered to be some of the best content produced from within our journalistic realms. Keep an eye out for the red featured image, with Premier League analysis coming to you from 90MAAT on a weekly basis.



Premier League news is often vast in its quantity but also precious to the reader. As fans, we want to hear, know and listen to every last detail about the star striker of our beloved clubs, the manager who’s been fined £20,000 by the FA and breaking injury and transfer news at your fingertips. 90MAAT news offers this engagement to our readers, stay tuned to our blue and white images for all the latest Premier League news.

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90MAAT’s feature articles are fantastically orientated questions posed by our writers that consider footballing situations from a critical perspective. Feature articles from 90MAAT are a weekly addition to the site, and if there are any Premier League players, teams or managers you would like us to consider for our next feature, let us know in the comments on our Facebook page! – https://www.facebook.com/90MAAT/