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Predicted Premier League Table 2018/19 – Update 7

We have less than 10 games to go before the end of the season, it’s actually mad. It really doesn’t feel like that long ago we were all enjoying the World Cup and now it is March. The end of the season is fast approaching, and it is very much crunch time for many teams across the league.

  1. Man City –0
  2. Liverpool –0
  3. Spurs ˄3
  4. Man Utd ˄1
  5. Arsenal ˅2
  6. Chelsea ˅2
  7. Wolves ˄3
  8. Watford ˄8
  9. West Ham ˅1
  10. Everton ˅3
  11. Leicester City ˅2
  12. Bournemouth ˄6
  13. Crystal Palace ˅1
  14. Newcastle ˄1
  15. Brighton ˄2
  16. Burnley ˅5
  17. Southampton ˅3
  18. Cardiff ˄2
  19. Fulham ˅6
  20. Huddersfield ˅1

Being this close to the end of the season, we’d have hoped for more than a mere two correct scores, but if football was that predictable it would be a bit boring wouldn’t it?

There is just one point in it at the top of the table, which happens to be the current two teams we have correct. Will Liverpool let the title slip for a third time after being top at Christmas or will they finally win a Premier League title? The rest of the top 6 is very tight and will likely go right down to the wire, who’s going to grab those prize champions league positions come May?

The biggest deviants from our original prediction are Watford, Bournemouth, Fulham and Burnley. Watford and Bournemouth have exceeded everyone’s expectations and whilst they have dropped off as the season progressed (perhaps expectedly so), they can be extremely pleased with how the 2018/19 season went for them. Fulham and Burnley have somewhat disappointed. Fulham are currently in the relegation zone and whilst Burnley have a bit of breathing room (five points), they are still in contention for relegation.

Whilst we are on the topic of relegation, Huddersfield need a miracle to stay in the league. 13 points from the last nine games is a tall order for a team that has only won three times all season, but stranger things have happened!

With the league as tight as it is, the coming weeks are sure to bring us some very exciting football with it all still to play for. Lets hope the rest of the season provides us with moments to reminisce about for years to come.


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