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90 Minutes At A Time presently holds in excess of 50 contributors, having been initially founded as a solo blog back in May 2017.

The 90MAAT network holds writers from different walks of life, from all around the world – such as English teachers, football coaches, University students, marketing professionals and aspiring journalists, with our team spread globally throughout the UK, USA, India, Australia, Sweden, Mexico and Canada, though the underpinning factor that aligns all of our writers is quite simple. We love to write about football.

We are always looking for new, enthusiastic contributors who are keen to join our journey of providing outstanding Premier League journalism, as we enter our second season of coverage in 2018/19. Our sole requirement for what you choose to write is that it is Premier League orientated. The rest, well that’s entirely up to you.

If the above sounds of interest and you want to join a team of 50+ football writers, then please get in touch at: enquiriesat90maat@outlook.com or reach out via the form below, we would love to hear from you.

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