ANALYSIS: What the proposed changes to the transfer window could mean for Premier League clubs.

Last week, there was news about how Premier League clubs’ shareholders had agreed to convene on September 9th to discuss the possibility about changing the transfer window’s closing date. Presently, the window closes on August 31st, which is on an average, 20 days after the Premier League season starts.

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FEATURE: Transfer Watch. Who’s on the move to and from the Premier League?

The Premier League is now very much underway as Manchester United have taken an early lead at the top of the table. Obviously, the table at this moment means absolutely nothing, but something that does, is transfers.

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ANALYSIS: Does Jack Wilshere still have a role to play at Arsenal?

“For many years now the one position England have not struggled with is world-class midfield players – Scholes, and then more recently Lampard and Gerrard and now I see Wilshere as the future of English football, that is why it is so important they keep him fit.”. These words were not uttered by a deluded Arsenal fan but by the legendary midfield maestro that is Xavi.

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ANALYSIS: Neymar – the £198m man. Though what exactly does this mean for the Premier League?

Upon hearing the news that Neymar; Barcelona forward, had been given permission to leave training from the Catalan club, a planet’s jaw dropped in tandem. A touted figure just shy of £200m with PSG earmarked as his expected future employers.

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