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Why Newcastle United makes sense for Jose Mourinho

Over the last 48 hours, Jose Mourinho has once again found himself in the headlines of media outlets around the world as reporters are speculating that this summer he could be named the manager of Newcastle United. Could a spell on Tyneside prove to be the perfect step in reinvigorating Mourinho’s managerial career amidst talks of a billionaire takeover?

The connection with Sir Bobby Robson

Despite never managing Newcastle United, Jose may feel he owes something to Newcastle United, purely in the honour of Sir Bobby Robson who gave him the opportunity from being an interpreter to becoming an assistant coach in Robson’s technical staff.

Mourinho travelled with Sir Bobby for six years, from Portugal to Spain, but in Barcelona it was where Sir Bobby let Mourinho step up into a bigger role in coaching, translating and helping players through tactical advice and analysis of the opposition.

If it was not for Sir Bobby’s faith, Mourinho may have never gone on to achieve the great things that he has done, suggesting that the Portuguese managing Newcastle United would be a job for him like no other.

Last summer Mourinho spoke about Newcastle United saying: “I like to go there. I like the feeling of going to Mr Robson’s home. I like that feeling. I like the stadium. I like the atmosphere. They are a good, enthusiastic crowd. I like the Geordies.

Like Rafa, he sees the potential

Similarly to Rafa Benitez, Mourinho sees the potential with creating a legacy with a club like Newcastle United; the city, the fan base that live and breath for Newcastle United, the stadium which holds 52,000+ fans, which he has described as ‘Mr. Robson’s home.

If this takeover happens, and the Bin Zayed Group has a plan for Mourinho to replace Benitez, it’ll be replacing one world-class manager with another; for the new owners. it won’t be seen as a loss. If either of these two managers are handed that new transfer budget, they will have to have a cool head which both Rafa and Jose can be when pressure mantles.

On the other hand, Rafa Benitez deserves his chance because he has stood with Newcastle through thick and thin, even when Newcastle were relegated during 2015/16 he never looked back, got on with it and instantly brought Newcastle back up.

Try the new formula

Mourinho has emphasised that he has been spending his time away from football rediscovering his talent for analysis and creating a new formula. His role with beIN SPORTS as a pundit will have helped change the way he analyses football but certainly kept his observations sharp, which can improve his methodology and push his drive to win.

Though Mourinho has won four trophies in six years, the problem mounting is that the way he wins is easily forgotten and the way he loses is more remembered, which is hindering over his successes, especially the ones at Manchester United.

The Premier League, especially since the arrival of Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola, has changed the rhythm that football is played in the division, though the gap between the top tier – average and bottom tier clubs is widening, there are a handful of clubs that are adapting to the new methodology.

Mourinho’s new approach will be the same as it was before which is focused on playing to the weaknesses of the opponent or it will be more modern with possession control and high pressing but ultimately the new approach will depend on his next club.

The elephant in the room…

But before we get too carried away, the takeover needs to happen first. What we know is Newcastle United’s owner Mike Ashley received an official offer of £350 million from the Bin Zayed Group of the UAE but Mr Ashley is stalling on signing the deal that would see Bin Zayed Group become the new owners of the Tyne and Wear club.

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